All the bread sold in our shop is made on the premises by Rocco the owner.
The combination of his talent,passion and creativity for food has made him rediscover old recipes. With a combination of new technology and old machinery he has developed a very unique and hard to find flavours in different breads, almost impossible to come across in large distributions.

His most popular is the Altamira bread from Puglia in Italy, which is also his birthplace.
Widely used throughout the South of Italy, Altamura is called sourdough bread but differs from the common sourdough, such French and American as it's taste is not as strong. It has an airy quality and a distinctive yellowish colour, which is due to only using semolina flour. One of the many advantages of Altamura is that it can be kept for as long as 7 days, making ideal for bruschetta.

We supply some of the most famous restaurants in London such as River Cafe, Theo Randall restaurants for Intercontinental Hotels, Enoteca Turi, Pellicano, Novikov, Manicomio, Dock kitchen, Cambio, Bar Centro and many others.
Apart from our popular Altamura we make wholemeal, granary, spelt, rye and gluten free bread.

Lately Rocco has moved from the conventional flours to the organic (many of which come from Britain), improving the already great taste and quality.

Rocco strives to give his customers the best the market can offer.